Stone Sealing


There is much truth in the saying "prevention is better than cure", and this does not just apply to one's health, but importantly, for such applications as marble and granite protection, too. Ensuring long-term, durability, efficiency and life of such materials, requires an indispensable product: marble and granite sealers. The stone sealers (sealants) used by Cleaning 4U create a protective barrier on the surface of your stone that repels liquid and keep spills and water marks from absorbing and damaging your stone. This treatment is the perfect finishing touch to any granite or marble restoration works. Stone sealing is the most important aspect of the services we provide. This process is a must for the protection of All Natural Stones we work with. Cleaning 4U employ several types of sealers, which have different methods of application. One type of sealer is the impregnator. Impregnators penetrate into the stone to provide a chemically resistant barrier, repel stains, water and help prevent etching. Another type is colour enhancer sealer, which enhances the depth of stone colour that has been lightened by exterior harsh elements or from interior heavy traffic . This sealer furthermore provides a "wet-look" stone appearance. As part of your stone surface maintenance, we recommend that you contact Cleaning 4U for reapplying the stone sealer once a year or once every two years. When the stone becomes harder to keep clean,  it is time to reapply the sealer.

Don't put it off any longer, contact Cleaning 4U on 08001123430 or go to our online quotqtion form and get the best of the best when it comes to Stone Sealing and Stain Proofing.

Contact Cleaning 4U on 08001123430

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