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Just because the carpets look clean many home-owners make the mistake of assuming that they are clean. What they don't know is that over the time, carpets collect germs  and soil below the surface, even the brightest looking one. Choosing the company to do the cleaning for your carpet is no small decision as carpets are one of your biggest health investments. Even the most delicate Carpet Fibres are treated with professional care from Carpet Cleaning 4U using several different cleaning techniques. We can ensure you that your carpets will be clean and disinfected as we use Specially Designed tools to gently clean even the most difficult places to reach. Every carpet is different in material and structure.

Are you in need of a Carpet Cleaner ?

Our experienced carpet cleaning experts will choose the quickest and most effective way to clean your carpets with just a quick brief inspection.The methods that we provide are as follows:

The Carpet Cleaning 4U Steps:

  1. Pre-vacuuming - removes hair, soil and other big parts;
  2. Pre-Spray - helps to remove general spots and soil for better appearance. Our  carpet cleaning products are completely safe for your kids and pets. They contain no toxic or caustic chemicals;
  3. Rinsing the carpet using a high-class cleaning system;
  4. Grooming of the Carpet Fibres  gives them a habitual look;
  5. Drying - it usualy  takes up to  3 hours to completely dry out.

Using poorly conditioned equipment can cause Over-wetting of the fabric or carpet.

Over-wetting itself can cause a huge number of problems:

  1. Moisture may cause shrinking and tearing of fabric and may dissolve cellulose which may lead to brown  stains appearing
  2. Over-wetting is possible to cause discolouring of dyes;
  3. Prolonged confinement of moisture may cause mildew and awful smell in the fabric;
  4. Wooden floors may suffer warpage if seepage extends to them;
  5. Allowing rust or wood-stain by replacing furniture without putting down foil or leg covers.

There are some other problems which may occur during the carpet cleaning:

  1. Brushing improperly;
  2. Using chemicals that leave residue;
  3. Using chemicals that cause Allergic Reactions or are poisonous;
  4. Using chemicals that harm colours in multi-coloured fabric;
  5. Using wrong dilution ratio;
  6. Applying unrequired add-ons.


Are you in need of a Carpets Clean ?

After the carpet has been cleaned, we strongly recommend the application of a good soil Protector, which helps the carpet shed dirt and Stains and extends the time between Major Cleanings.

Should you need you may visit our section with:

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Thank you for a very good cleaning service

Juliet Philips, Harrow, 21/12/2010
Excellent work, very friendly and committed operative.

Mr Sheshenk, Addiscombe, London, 09/07/2005
Great job, good value, great service!

Mr. Richard Bousfield, Collier's Wood, London, 24/05/2004
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