Carpet Cleaning Services FAQ


Can I clean and How to remove a stain like blood, coffee, tea or other tough stains from my carpet by myself?

Answer:   Yes you can, but using a professional chemicals and equipment without any experience can lead to a risk of your own health and those around you including your pets. There is also a risk of destroying completely your carpet if you do not follow the instructions very strictly. However if you are not sure what you have to do and how to do it call 08001123430 for free quote and professional carpet cleaning services or use our online quotation form and we will send you the lowest price for carpet cleaning

Can you guarantee a full stain removing?

Answer: Most of the stains are very likely to be removed. Unfortunately no guarantees can be given no matter what products and techniques we use. Some stains can cause permanent damage to the fabric hair which makes them impossible to be removed. It also depends how long the stain has been there for and how deep in the actual fabric it has gone.

How much would it cost me? 

Answer: The price for cleaning the stain from your carpet may vary from the size of the stain. Please note that in some cases you cannot clean the stain or the area around it only. The whole carpet should be cleaned as there might be a difference in the colour due to the dirt gained through the years. Please call 08001123430 for free quote and professional carpet cleaning or use our online cleaning quotation form and we will send you the lowest price for carpet cleaning.

What method do you use? 

Answer: We mostly use the hot water extraction method that not only gives your carpets & lounges the most thorough cleaning, but also provides a "conditioner" much like conditioning your hair which prevents new soil particles from sticking as readily. This promotes more efficient vacuuming, resulting in healthier, cleaner carpets & lounges.
Maximum dust and soil removal also means your carpet & upholstery stays cleaner longer and your cleaning technician can guarantee quality results. Even the most soiled carpets & upholstery can be easily cleaned. It is also safe on all stain resistant type carpets.  


How long the carpet cleaning will take?

Answer: Depending on the carpet fabric, size and persistence of pollution cleaning of the stain from your carpet might take up to 2 hours. This can vary slightly depending upon the amount of soil, how much furniture needs to be moved, specialty spotting procedures, and set-up time.

How long it will take for carpet to dry?

Answer: Part of a professional carpet cleaner's skill is to clean the carpet as thoroughly as possible and leave it as dry as possible. With the latest equipment and methods we use it should be completely dry within 3 hours. There are a many factors such as the length of pile, the weather, the temperature and ventilation in the property that also will reflect on drying time.

How often should I have my carpets cleaned?

Answer: We recommend cleaning / washing of your carpet at least once a year. Over time your carpet becomes a great environment for mold, fungus and microorganisms, which can cause allergies and other permanent diseases. If you have a pet, regardless of its perfect hygiene habits it is recommended for the carpet to be cleaned / washed at least 2 times per year. If carpet is used in an office building should be cleaned monthly. Call 08001123430 to receive our best offer for a monthly cleaning. You can also visit Sanitisation & Disinfection section in our website to see how we keep your home and office clean.   

I have an allergy, can you help?

Answer:   Asthma   is the most chronic disease among children, sneezing, coughing, running nose, itchy, red eyes. Carpets, furniture and mattresses collect lots of dust as we all know it is full of dust mites. We use an anti-allergen spray that physically alters the dust mite dropping and renders it harmless to allergy sufferers. The products we use are totally non-toxic and safe for your children and your pets to play on.
When properly applied the allergy protectors continue to stop mites from living in your mattresses or upholstery for up to 12 months.


 What experience do you have in cleaning carpets?

Answer: All our carpet cleaners are professionally trained and have more than 5 years experience.

 Do I have to clean or tidy the room?

Answer:  A tidy, uncluttered area allows us to complete the job more efficiently and in good time. Please, clear away, where possible small items such as plants and light furnishings. You don't need to move heavy items of furniture. 

 Is there a way I can protect my carpets? How to protect my carpet?

Answer: There is a treatment we can provide called Scotchgard. Applying the Protector (Scotchgard) delays the time in which a damaging stain can form, as it helps create a coat on the carpet & upholstery fibers repelling water, oil and soil.

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Carpet cleaning services FAQ