Anti Static Treatment


Static is a common problem with carpets in dry areas. As the human body moves across a carpet, it picks up charge from the friction between the surface of the carpet and the soles of the feet. This charge may result in an electric shock when the body comes in contact with a conductive body like a metallic doorknob. The biggest single cause of static is dry air, and this is nowhere more apparent than in office locations with little outside ventillation and a high ambient temperature. This is particularly so during winter months when the air can be surprisingly dry because most central heating systems are turned up full and windows are kept shut.

 How does our anti-static treatment work?

We put down a layer of aqueous ionic charge on the surface of the carpet to increase conductivity and eliminate the problem. This treatment prevents the build up of static and thus drastically reduces the chances of you or your equipment receiving a shock. The treatment is quick and is usually done out of office hours. The carpet should be dry and the office able to be used within an hour or so of the treatment being complete. There are no harmful side effects. 

Don't put it off any longer, contact Cleaning 4U on 08001123430 or go to our online quotation form and get the best of the best when it comes to Anti-Static Treatment.

Contact Cleaning 4U on 08001123430
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Anti static treatment