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Cleaning 4U offer you stain treatment and protection of your carpets, rugs and furniture. It is important to remember that such protection does not prevent all stains, rather, it gives you a chance to mop up the spill before it becomes a permanent feature of your carpets or furniture.The anti-stain fabric protector we apply repels all oil and water based stains from clothes, carpets & upholstery. Not only that but it makes fabric easier to maintain and clean in the future, as it retains dirt on the surface, instead of it soaking into the fabric.

For best results the anti-stain fabric protector should be applied once every six months!

Please note that not all types of stains can be removed after they have been treated. We have a 95% success rate, which is the same as that of the best insurance companies. It is important when attempting removal to get to the site as quickly as possible since our success rate will be higher the sooner the stain is treated.

Don't put it off any longer, contact Cleaning 4U on 08001123430 or go to our online quotation form and get the best of the best when it comes to Anti-Stain Treatment.

Contact Cleaning 4U on 08001123430
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