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Cleaning 4U - How it all started...


Way back in 1998, it begun out as a small Family Business aiming to provide a High Quality, yet affordable solution for residential and commercial cleaning services in UK area. Over time, our business flourished through an unprecedented level of Customer Satisfaction and referrals by our existing customers to new ones, not least because we invested continuously in new equipment, optimised and diversified our services, and recruited our staff from among professionals with a singular level of integrity.

We have recently rebranded to Cleaning 4U, opened up International Branches and started this website. Our new corporate identity was formed and enhanced with the guidance of professional consultants in each country, ensuring that our branch staff understood the local market and the customers' needs. We strive to apply the same high standards of work no matter where we are.

Cleaning 4U was built on customer satisfaction and this formula for success is based on a number of customer-oriented advantages:

  • Quality and reliability of service that is unique to the Cleaning 4U's network of branches and is the best available in the industry;
  • A strong and attractive corporate image;
  • Customer satisfaction is an absolute priority;
  • Offering our customers a an approach tailored to their individual preferences;
  • A friendly and honest service;
  • An impeccably professional attitude at all times;
  • Value for money.

This unique formula of success has been tried and tested over the years we have been in business, and it works well for us! The constant efforts to fine-tune our methods of operation, the consistency of our style of service, and the excellent equipment we employ have carved us a well deserved niche on the market. We're also feeling positive about our latest venture trying bring forth our services onto the huge and competitive web market. We admit - we were a bit reluctant initially as it meant changing the way we operate. Having said that, we believe to have retained our ability to keep everything personal. We don't want to just list our prices and let you figure it all out on your own we still like to get involved with our customers and advise them in the old fashioned way, human to human.

Why should you choose us for your cleaning needs?

  • Health - There are millions of homes in UK where people suffer allergies due to dust mites. We helped hundreds of them as we know how to deal with this problem and by using the latest technologies which are safe for you and your family.
  • Options - With a full range of services we can choose which will be the best for your needs.
  • Reliability guarantee - Cleaning 4U is a name you can trust as our customers are nothing but 100% satisfied with their services.
  • Pricing - We beat all the prices on the market and provide the same high  quality of work.
  • UK Customer Satisfaction - All you have to know is  that every member of our teams is fully insured, vetted and trained to brings the only thing we aim for-full customer's satisfaction.

Please, look at our Testimonials page to see what others say about us.
Servicing you is our joy!

 Yours sincerely,
  Cleaning 4U Team

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About Us