End of Tenancy Cleaning FAQ


1. Do you provide the cleaning materials and the necessary equipment?

Answer: We do supply all cleaning materials and equipment when we do end of tenancy cleaning.

2. Do you clean ovens?

Answer: Oven cleaning is an additional service which can be requested at the time your quote has been given or any time during the actual cleaning.

3. Do I need to defrost my freezer?

Answer: Yes. As you know defrosting takes time and we might not be able to wait until it is defrosted so we can clean it. Please switch it off the night before your visit to avoid disappointments.

4. Do you provide exterior windows cleaning?

Answer: We can clean the exterior of the windows only if they are on a ground floor, reachable with a small ladder or reachable from inside and there is no potential risk for cleaners’ life.

5.What chemicals do you use?

Answer: We work with professional chemicals only which are non toxic but under your request we can use eco friendly chemicals only, which will slightly increase the price for your service.

6. How many cleaners do you send?

Answer: We mainly work with teams of two cleaners but if the job is too big and needs to be done within a day, we can always extend the number of the cleaners.

7. Do you dispose garbage?

Answer: We can dispose you garbage just in to your local bins. Unfortunately we do not collect it.

8. Do you work on weekends?

Answer: Yes, and there is no extra cost.

9. What if the property doesn’t pass the inspection from the landlord or estate agency?

Answer: A free re-do will be offered. For more information please read our terms and conditions.

10. Do you have insurance?

Answer: Our subcontractors have public ( up to £1,000,000) and employer's(up to £10,000,000) liability insurance, which covers any accidental damage caused by an subcontractors, treatment risk and fidelity cover (theft). These contracts altogether with a copy of insurances are kept with Cleaning 4U and can be present to customers under request.

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End of tenancy cleaning FAQ